How to talk and listen so

(pre-)teens can listen and talk

Alison Sutton from Childrearing Matters gives advice and trainings that help families and the professionals who work with them to bring out the best in children. Childrearing matters from the first moments of life. Hown adults communicate with children is crucial in promoting healthy development
Recognizable? Or dreaded?


  • Jenny says she has no friends, can't face school and hates herself and her parents...

  • Tim's teacher is worried about his withdrawal in class...

  • Toni won't tell me anything any more...

  • Jake is late for everything...

  • I just can't deal with the moodiness, the defiance, the not taking responsibility for anything, the lack of planning, the downright rudeness...Aaaagh! 

  • I'm tearing my hair out and wondering, "What on earth can I do to get through to Fi and restore balance at home?"... 

Acquire knowledge and skills to make your relationships with children more pleasurable and productive!

At the end of the interactive training you’ll know how to:

  • Understand and help your child to understand its own feelings and needs

  • Cope with your child’s anxieties, sadness and anger

  • Engage your child’s willing cooperation

  • Create an atmosphere of mutual acceptance and respect

  • Help your child to develop a realistic and positive self-image

  • Resolve conflicts honourably

Course details


Intensive, interactive course on 

  • 6 Monday evenings (option 1) or 

  • 6 Tuesday evenings (options 2 and 3)

For whom:   

Parents and professionals involved with children from 9-18 years old


When (3 options):        

1) March 5, 12, 19, 26; April 9, 16

from 7.30-10.00 pm FULL or

2) May 15, 22, 29; June 12, 19, 26 

from 7.30-10.00 pm


3) September 4, 11, 18, 25; October 2, 9 

from 7.30-10.00 pm



Matchpartner, Boerhaavelaan 4, 2334 EN Leiden

(2 minutes’ walk from Leiden Station; free parking on       the premises)

With many thanks to Matchpartner for their hospitality! 



279 euros, including handbook

What the 6 sessions cover

  • How to help your child to understand and deal with its feelings so that it can begin to accept itself and regulate its own emotions

  • How to engage your child’s willing cooperation so that you can both feel good about each other, even when there are less enjoyable things to be done

  • How to discipline without punishment so that your child can respect your disapproval and take responsibility for its own behaviour

  • How to promote your child’s autonomy so that it can become a separate, self-determining person able to function effectively alone

  • How to praise effectively so that your child can develop its inner resources

  • How to free children from playing roles so that they can explore all aspects of their personalities and fully develop their capabilities

Instructive and inspirational

“The best childrearing course I’ve ever followed. It’s given me insights and tools that help me parent better every day.”


Jill Bowe

 Teacher and mother, Leiden