Deal effectively with sibling rivalry

Sibling rivary can drive parents crazy and hinder healthy child development. Childrearing Matters's 4-evening training 'Deal effectively with sibling rivalry gives parents concrete tools to help c'ildren - and their parents - to enjoy eachother's company and thrive together.
  • Kate can't stand Tom receiving birthday presents...

  • When I compliment Jane, Leo complains I don't love him...

  • Whenever I turn my back, my kids start fighting...

  • Jeremy can't accept that he has fewer privileges than his older sister...

  • I just can't understand why my daughters can't just be best friends...​

Acquire knowledge and skills to help children stop competing and get the most out of their relationships with each other!

At the end of the interactive 4-session training you’ll know how to:

  • Help your children to understand their feelings of envy and jealousy towards each other

  • Cope with your children’s competitiveness and insecurity

  • Let you go of expectations and create an atmosphere of mutual acceptance and respect

  • Help your children to express their feelings acceptably

  • Help your children to resolve sibling conflicts independently​

Course details 
Nieuw voor 2018

Intensive, interactive course on 4 Monday evenings ​

For whom:

Parents and professionals involved with competitive brothers and sisters from 4-18 

When (2 options):

  • June 11, 18, 25; July 2, 7.30-10.00 pm or

  • September 10, 17, 24; October 1, 7.30-10.00 pm


Matchpartner, Boerhaavelaan 4, 2334EN Leiden

(2 minutes’ walk from Leiden Station; free parking)

With thanks to Matchpartner for their hospitality!


219 euros including refreshments and materials

What the 4 sessions cover
  • How to understand your children's versions of the bad and the ugly in their siblings so that you can begin to understand the 'hatefulness triggers' in your family

  • How to help your children to understand and deal with their hostility towards each other so that they can begin to accept and regulate their feelings

  • How to love each of your children uniquely, according to their current needs so that comparisons no longer wreak havoc in your family

  • How to intervene effectively in fights so that your children can learn from their differences and begin to resolve conflicts honourably and independently​

Humane and uplifting ...

“Alison's courses help everyone in our family to feel seen and valued. We can appreciate each other again

- a gift. ”


Claire van Oers, Leiden