Family consultations

Aim and approach

My aim in every consultation series is to help children and parents to solve or deal effectively with specific developmental and childrearing challenges. These challenges may or may not be the result of a diagnosed condition.


With and without diagnoses

Anxieties, depressions, phobias and problems with anger management or concentration can all be successfully treated by helping children and other family members to become more self-aware and to learn new skills, regardless of whether or not a child has a 'label'. 

Solution-focussed and holistic

I focus on solutions, take the individual child and its environment into account and work holistically and eclectically. This means that I acknowledge the many factors that influence child development and childrearing. It means too that I draw widely from scientific and practical knowledge to establish ‘what works’ to enable unique children and families to thrive.

Minimal bureaucracy

I keep bureaucracy to a minimum. By eschewing set protocols and time-consuming administration, I can focus on what really matters: the interactions that make learning new behaviour patterns fun and effective!

My structured sessions and enjoyable homework assignments draw upon the latest insights from science and practice. They enable you and your child to tackle problems effectively and to quickly regain confidence and a sense of purpose.

"Every child and every family is unique. Helping children and their parents to puzzle out 'what works' to solve their problems creates insights that can last a lifetime. Doing this work is a fascinating privilege."

Personalised family consultations take place in 3 phases:

  1. Initial contact
    Parents or adolescents contact me, with or without a referral from their family doctor or other professional. I'll ask you a number of simple questions about your concerns. If I think I can help, I’ll invite you to the practice for a free, exploratory consultation.


  2. Free, exploratory consultation 
    During this relaxed discussion of up to an hour, we will use the GIZ-methodology to highlight your family’s strengths, concerns and current needs. On the basis of our joint analysis, we'll decide together on the next step. This free consultation is without obligation.


  3. Solution-focused treatment and evaluation
    If you choose to go ahead, solution-focussed treatment and evaluation lie at the heart of our work together. They occur in an ongoing dialogue between, you, your child and me.

What's involved?

With the GIZ-methodology, we can see at a glance where your family's strengths lie. Acknowledging these helps us to build on them during our work together

If appropriate, in any phase we can involve other educators and carers. Bundling the relevant expertise enables us to establish as quickly as possible how we can help your child and your family to thrive again. 

Tarif and referrals


My consultation fee is 120 euros per hour, excluding BTW. This can often be covered by your insurance. It is always best to check the details of your cover directly with your insurance company. 


A referral from your GP or other medical professional is not necessary, but can help to secure health insurance cover.

Alison's expertise and sensitivity were crucial in helping my daughter to rebuild her confidence and tackle her selective mutism. It was a relief to find a professional who could really tune in to my daughter and let her rediscover her own strengths.  

Marie Vijendran

Mother of 10-year-old dealing with Selective Mutism, Oegstgeest

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Alison helped us to understand and support our sensitive toddler, so that she could overcome her fear of new people and places. She’s now actually looking forward to starting school!

Janice Delaney

Mother of 3-year-old daughter, The Hague

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NVO-registered orthopedagogue
Developer GIZ-methodology 

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