For families

Family consultations

  • Are you worried about your child’s or adolescent’s development or behaviour?

  • Do you see your child struggling with tasks, situations or fear-, anger- or sadness-related emotions?

  • Have you run out of ideas to help your child?

  • Has a professional - crèche leader, teacher or other carer - suggested your child needs help?

  • Do you sometimes feel alone and 'far from home' in dealing with your child?







In such situations, your child and your whole family can become ‘stuck’ in unhelpful patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving, which can hinder healthy development and relationships. At such times international families in particular may feel very 'far from home'.


If you recognise your own situation here, please see my Family Consultations page for more information about how I could help. You can always contact me directly by filling in the form below. I will get back to you as soon as possible..


During the consultations we will work together to get your child and your family back on track. Our starting point will be your family’s own strengths. These can be easy to forget at times of stress!  

Childrearing Matters' solution-       focussed individual consultatations can help get your child and your family back on track

What children say

These comments are real, the names have been changed to protect the children's privacy

I couldn’t concentrate and everyone was always cross with me. Now I do my homework and give it in on time. I get a lot of compliments and I feel so proud of myself! 


8-year-old dealing with concentration problems, Oegstgeest

Working with Alison, I rediscovered my own strengths. I wholeheartedly recommend her warm, professional, solution-oriented approach.


21-year-old dealing with anxiety and depression, The Hague

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  • Do you seek inspiration as you strive to parent your own way?

  • Do you sometimes struggle to understand, motivate or communicate with your child?

  • Do you find it hard to establish effective routines and boundaries?

  • Would you like to create more harmony and experience less strife in your family?


  • Is finding time for yourself an issue?

Parent trainings


















Each year I offer one or two parenting courses in response to requests from parents. Often, they have noticed that they are not alone in coming up against particular hurdles and have a healthy desire to try out new ways of stimulating and supporting their child(ren).


This year I'm focussing on two themes of interest to many families with primary school children: how to communicate constructively with (pre-) teens and how to deal effectively with the thorny problem of sibling rivalry.


During the trainings you will acquire, step by step in the company of like-minded participants, the knowledge, skills and tools you need to overcome - and even enjoy! - the inevitable challenges of childrearing.

Childrearing Matters' solution-       focussed parent trainings can give you more perspective, confidence and pleasure in your parenting

What parents say

These comments and names are real

My wife booked me onto the parenting course and I was sceptical at first. Then I noticed how my new skills were helping my relationships at home, and not just with the twins. I stopped trying to control everything. I learned to enjoy ‘just being’ with my family!

David Lewine

Father of teenaged twins

This course was an eye-opener. I feel liberated and strengthened in my parenting. I see the benefits for my children.

Clare van Oers

Mother of primary chool children, Leiden

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